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Professional Ship Builders  & Ship Brokers for all type of vessels
International access to used and new builds.


Tugs, AHTS, PSV, Patrol, Search & Rescue, Ferries

Crew, Work Boats, Yachts & Custom Designs




The Greenline Series

AluminumNow Turkey

Shipbuilding & Supply for Turkey, The Middle East ,  Africa and Europe

Built in Turkey for the Global Market


Design, New Builds, Sale and purchase  facilities are offered for following vessels:

Patrol Boats & SAR - Stock designs to 100 meters including RIBS
Offshore vessels -AHTS,AHT,OSV, MPV, Pipe/Cable Laying Barge, Accommodation Crane Barge, etc
Tugs & Barges - Ocean Going Tug, Harbor Tug, Z-Propeller Tug, ASD Tug, Barges etc
Cargo Vessels -Bulk Carriers, MPP, Containerships, etc.
Tankers  - Crude, Product, Water, Chemical, LNG etc.
Ferries - Mono, Catamaran, Trimaran, Medium Speed, Fast Speed, inshore, offshore
Misc Vessels - Work Vessels, Survey Vessels, Fishery etc.

Our Team at AluminumNow  & AluminumNow Turkey  is dedicated to build or find the Tug. AHTS, PSV, Crew, Patrol, Pilot or other commercial vessel to fit your requirements.

AluminumNow  working with the world's leading Naval Architects accessing a number of the world's most innovative designers brings you the Leading Edge

Our consultancy department includes studies to optimize vessel size, type, speed and capacity for a given client's requirements.

        In addition to our Turkish Shipyards where Patrol Boats, Crew Boats, Ferries, cargo ships, tankers etc. can be built; we offer builds in the UK, West Africa, Asia and North America that build watercraft to your specifications, needs & class requirements

Order your Patrol/Crew Boats, Greenline Tug, AMD, EuroCat, Sea Transport, or

Kurt Hughes Designed Commercial Vessel to-day.


Full Build management, Insurance & Finance Services.

Classification & Survey as required


Contact us for further information on high speed Cat Ferries, Swath, Displacement  Ferries, Excursion,  Restaurant and day trip vessels, Platform Supply Vessels and AHTS vessels, Stern Landing Vessels and vessels suitable for Patrol & Military.

Agents for:-

Associated Naval Architects providing designs for  Patrol Boats, Pilot Boats, Crew Boats, Offshore Vessels, Barges, Tankers etc.
Seafury Drives:-

If you are seeking design and new builds
Please call or email for further information

If you are selling a boat:
Please contact us if you are considering selling a vessel.
We are happy to discuss all your questions, concerns or needs.
This is a no hassle, no stress and totally free conversation and consultation.

If you are buying a boat:
Get in touch and let us know if you have a specific type of vessel in mind, have seen something you want or are uncertain what would be good for you. We are always interested in discussing boats! If you haven't seen what you want on our website it may be in our offline portfolio or we know who would have it.
If you are looking for an independent professional to work with you on a deal or help in negotiations with another party we are more than able to help.

If you are a marine professional:
If you can take a minute - let us know about yourself or your business. We continuously strive to build strong,
trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with skilled and knowledgeable professionals from all parts of the world.

Our agents and worldwide associates have experience with boat sales and charters of all types that from small patrol & work  boats to large commercial ships.

We hope that we can work with you to become our next satisfied client.

Classification to meet client requirements



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